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Oriental Gas invests the pipeline network linking the main pipe to the sub-line between cities, ensuring the supply of city gas. At present, Oriental Gas has two subordinate pipeline transportation companies.

Shandong LuRun Gas Limited has been engaged in invest and construct “Weifang-Dongying” sub-line and its distribution pipe network. With a total length of 150 kilometres, the Weifang-Dongying line goes through Linqu, Qingzhou, Shouguang, Changle, Dongying Port, Guangrao, Dongying District, Lijin, Kenli, which are included in the market area for LuRun. The gas operating enterprises, CNG gas stations and large scale industrial park are the main customers of LuRun.

“Guangrao” branch pipeline was invested and constructed by Shandong LuAn Gas Company and it is the branch linking Shouguang station, the main pipeline of “Weifang-Dongying”, and Dawang Town with Guangrao development area.

The two projects have contributed to the establishment of great partnership between our group and Shandong oil area as well as the governments at all levels. Meanwhile, with the advantages of source gas brought by the investment of “Weifang-Dongying” pipeline, we will continue to develop the city gas and transport clean energy projects in areas around the pipeline.